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Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Review + Giveaway!

Hey ya'll

I teamed up with Smile Brilliant and I am so excited to share my experience with you all. Smile Brilliant is a company that provides custom fitted teeth whitening trays and gels for professional at home whitening.

I am not going to lie, my intake of caffeine increased drastically during grad school. Living up North and having all these cute cafes walking distance from my apartment didn’t help either. Drinking coffee became a necessity as well as a social outing . It’s not a surprise with all  all that caffeine,  my teeth became very stained.

Now that I am finally done with grad school and with the holidays coming up, I was determine in having  a pearly white smile , and thankfully Smile Brilliant helped me do just that.

Here How It Works

Once you purchased the product you will receive a kit to make your impressions. The kit comes with catalyst and base paste (molding substance to make your impressions), molding trays, desensitizing gel,  whitening gel and instructions. Once you make the mold of your upper an lower teeth, you will mail it back in a prepaid package back to Smile Brilliant,  and then they will send back personal teeth whitening trays.

Listen y’all, even though Smile Brilliant came with easy step by step instructions,  of course I managed to mess up my molds first try lol. Thankfully the kit also comes with extra set of catalyst and base paste,  incase you make a mistake with your initial mold like I did . I had my original sent in molds denied  since  my  teeth impressions was not as accurate as it could be, so Smile Brilliant sent me new catalyst and base paste to make new impressions (free of charge). The fact that  Smile Brilliant made me redo my impressions  showed me  that they really  want me to have to best possible results.

Once you received your plastic trays you can start that day. I incorporated the whitening into my night time routine. Smile Brilliant recommends doing the whitening right before bed so the desensitizing gel has time to absorb into teeth  and helps prevent you to introduce  any food/drink that could stain your teeth.

Here is a quick recap of the whitening process

  1. Brush teeth with water (not toothpaste because the fluoride slows the whitening process

  2. Whiten for 1-3 hours  (I did mine for 1 hour)

  3. Brush teeth with toothpaste as normal

  4. Do a desensitizing gel session for 15-30 minutes. This helps to rehydrate and also reduce sensitivity of your teeth.

  5. Remove trays but don’t rinse or brush for 20 minutes…just spit (this will leave a thin layer of                desensitizing gel on your teeth)

As far of my results, I saw a HUGE difference in my teeth within a few of days in using it. The key is to stay CONSISTENT and make sure you fully read the the simple step by step instructions before starting.


Hey Red Squad ! One lucky reader can win a set of  Teeth Whitening Trays ($139 value) . All you have to do to enter HERE or click on the link below. The winner will be contacted directly by Smile Brilliant ! Even if  you don’t win the giveaway, You will get a special, additional discount just for entering! Good Luck!

ENTER HERE: https://www.smilebrilliant.com/g/livelovelerouge

DEADLINE: November 29 (giveaway is now closed)

For those of you who would like to try this now, you can save $15 off of anything on Smile Brilliant by using code: livelovelerouge15






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