• Samantha Lerouge

Speaking Engagement with Cantu Beauty

Your girl conducted her first speaking engagement..with a major brand: Cantu Beauty!

Last September I was asked to speak on my natural hair experience on a panel moderated by Melissa Chanel during Cantu Beauty’s “Secret Garden” event. Even though I nervous, I was excited to share that I was given the opportunity to share my own natural hair journey. And boy was it a journey.

What made this partnership even more special was finding out that my blogger friend, Kandid Kinks, was the other panelist. Having a familiar face not only eased my nerves, but gave the panel discussion a more natural vibe (no pun intended lol) since it was just two friends having a conversation.

The partnership with Cantu Beauty showed me that I really have to stop playing myself when it comes to my capabilities!! So for 2020 one of my main goals is to continue to do more speaking engagements while working with brands I truly believe in. No more self- sabotaging, no more what ifs’, no more fears this year.  2020 is VERY personal, I owe myself a lot!


In honor of my Cantu Beauty partnership, I will be giving away TXTR by Cantu Beauty products!

Visit my instagram post to enter: https://bit.ly/2FIoadO

About TXTR collection: Salon-inspired collection for all hair textures. TXTR by Cantu is the go-to solution for waves, curls, and coils enriched with vitamins, extracts, essential and natural oils.

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