• Samantha Lerouge

Pucker Up! NYX Cosmetics

My first product review! My first review will be dedicated to one of my favorite affordable beauty cosmetic: NYX

As a Floridian who is finally experiencing a real winter, I am now realizing how essential it is to have an everlasting matte lipstick that can withhold the harsh temperatures and still look nice throughout the day.

I personally love to use the NYX soft matte lip cream and butter gloss. The butter lip cream colors are super pigmented allowing your lip to last all day, and unlike other lip glosses the NYX butter gloss is not sticky (aka Boyfriend friendly).

 Lip Cream+Butter Gloss= Lip Perfection  

Although these lipsticks look great by themselves, they look even better when you pair them together. I first apply the NYX soft matte lip cream as a base and then apply the same or similar NYX butter gloss color on top. The end results: a popping lip that last though out your day.

Below are my favorite combinations of lip creams + butter gloss

Prague Sugar Cookie

Amsterdam+Cherry Pie


New Product Alert!

NYX also recently launch their new lip-gloss called Liquid Suede. The name of it tells you how it applies. This lip-gloss is very smooth, and melts right on your lips as you apply. Haven’t got the chance to try this bad boy out? You can purchase NYX Liquid Suede along with other NYX cosmetics at Ulta, Wal-Mart  or your local pharmacy store (make sure you check beforehand).






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