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  • Samantha Lerouge

COVID-19: Innovation under Pressure

"No Corona formed against me Shall Prosper!" But honestly tho, do not let this pandemic or societal pressure get the best of you!

We are currently in month 3 with dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and boy has it been an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. From losing my job, losing my friends, and re-gaining anxiety has been on an all time high.

With all of this, I was also placing an unnecessary pressure on myself to create. Some creatives say that that this pandemic is a blessing in disguise and that we finally have the time to "innovative without any distractions". In a sense this is true, but what I come to realize is the more pressure I placed on myself to create , the more of a creative block I had.

Not only was I placing unnecessary pressure on myself, I was also not dealing with my emotions that came from losing my job and certain friendships, which wasn't healthy creatively and emotionally most importantly. We are ALL going through this but in very different ways. Below are some tips that not only helped me create during these times, but also cope with it as well!

  1. Pray or Mediate

  2. Stop Feeling Guilty: It's okay not to create and take a day to yourself. Do not let these instagram memes trick you into thinking you need-to build a billionaire dollar business by end of of this. If you need a day or two to binge watch Love is Blind or Tiger King to get our your feelings, go for it! Do not feel guilty on giving yourself that much need me time. Mental wellness comes first!

  3. Find Inspiration: Whether it's learning a new skill, listening to podcast, or reading books, fuel your inspiration because that only can lead to greatness!

  4. Stay Connected: Virtually stay connected with your creative friends and jump ideas off them.

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