• Samantha Lerouge

Valentine’s Day Look

Yes, Valentine’s day may just be another “Hallmark Holiday,” but let’s admit it, it’s a perfect excuse to dress up and hit the streets, especially if it involves bad ass chrome boots.

Unlike my past Valentine’s day looks that usually involves a dress and a pair of heels, this year I decided to go a different route. Whether you have a hot date, plans with the girlfriends, or a night to appreciate yourself, this look is versatile and fits all occasions.

This year I decided to go with a playful pink  fur sleeve detail top from ZARA. I decided to get the top in a size bigger than my original size to give an oversized feel to it. I also paired the oversized, flowy top, with dark denim skinny jean from Forever 21.

From chrome nails to chrome jewelry, chrome accents have been on trend lately .So when I came across the chrome boots, I didn’t hesitate to purchase it. The modern & edgy chrome ankle boots from ZARA juxtaposes the sweet, soft pink top. I finished the look with a metallic rose gold glasses from Rampage. 

 Hopefully, I fueled some inspiration for your own Valentine’s Day look.  

 Remember this day isn’t just for couples, you better get dressed and treat yo self!






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