• Samantha Lerouge

Cute Outfit for Under $30 !!

Can anyone guess how much this outfit cost. Well believe or not, this look all cost under $30 dollars. The most expensive item was the high heels and sandals. The high heels   cost $20 from Journeys  , and the gold accent sandals you see in the above photo was $15 from Forever 21. The pink coral top with shoulder cut outs cost $4 Express. Lastly this cute gray linen skirt cost $2 from Charlotte Russe.

Purchase out of season clothes

My tip on getting great deals is purchasing items that are not in season, such as purchasing winter clothes in the summer and vise versa. This is how I was able to purchase my linen skirt for $2 at Charlotte Russe  .

Attend Closeout Sales

Another way I get my items for a steal is attending closeout sales. While living in Canada I noticed how often American chain clothing stores , such as  Target,  closed down. This past May, Express  had a “buy any four items for a total of $16” sale since they were closing down all their stores in Ottawa, Canada. So be on a lookout for those closeout sales!






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